A survey continues the clarion call for more research into crowdfunding. The survey was published in one of the world’s most respected academic journals Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. The survey explores the viability of crowdfunding as a unique field of a academic research.

The Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice editorial review board answered a number of questions. Respondents noted that crowdfunding was a novel phenomenon as it relates to entrepreneurial finance, but less so as it relates to crowdsourcing.

Respondents noted that theories such as network theory, human/social capital theories, and goal-setting theory as promising complementary streams of academic research.

Additionally, they explored the top questions in equity crowdfunding that include: “How can theory from fields other than entrepreneurship/management such as marketing, psychology, sociology, MIS, and finance help us to understand entrepreneurship crowdfunding?” and questions related to online investment narrative building.

Thematically, respondents saw a need to better understand investors, influences of crowdfunding, relationship to other forms of entrepreneurial finance, and campaign performance.