New South Korean Equity Crowdfunding Legislation

We continue to track the equity crowdfunding legislation across the world.

Secondary Markets and Governance

SeedInvest recently announced FINRA approval to launch a secondary market for trading.

Bruegel Argues for Improved Crowdfunding Regulations in the EU

Financial crowdfunding, crowdfunding that raises debt or equity investment, has grown considerably since its onset in Europe, U.S., and Asia since 2011.

Can Capital Markets Improve Local Economies?

A local tech entrepreneur might look to scale up a new product. Without risk capital at the early stages, they cannot compete with counterparts in larger metros.

Can Capital Markets Extend to Small Business?

Equity Crowdfunding raises interesting questions about the nature of equity and debt finance. Prior to the JOBS Act, equity financing wasn’t available...

Legion M Annual Report Analysis

Equity crowdfunding is more than startup capital for Legion M, it is core to their business model.

Financial Ratios or Key Performance Indicators for Early Stage Companies

The age-old adage echoed by economic developers across the United States, you should always have a succession plan can also mean that a small business should understand their value.

Masterwork’s Model for the Art World

Masterworks is an equity crowdfunding portal for fine art. Their logic is simple. Fine art appreciates in value, and for some artists,...

Right-Sizing Equity Crowdfunding’s Regulatory Framework with an Exchange

The JOBS Act eliminates accredited investor requirements forportals, which is aspirational in the age of the Internet.

The Promise of Primary and Secondary Crowdfunding Markets

The equity crowdfunding movement is gaining steam. The Regulation Crowdfunding Law essentially removed barriers to equity investment. Prior to the regulation, any third party...

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